Relentless Hope
I want to grapple with the complex concept of hope. The world increasingly continues to overwhelm, with mining operations threatening to destroy hundreds of kilometres of pristine coastline on our West Coast, to Shell utilising seismic surveys on our Wild...
Community Based Conservation - Ownership is the key to care
Community based conservation  Ownership is the key to care.“Some of these islanders dutifully recited for us their ancient law: “Take no more from the sea in one day than there are people in your village. If you observe this rule,...
Do Beach Cleanups Really Make A Difference?
Do Beach Cleanups Really Make A Difference? When it comes to plastic waste littering our beaches, it sometimes feels like we are fighting a tsunami-sized problem, and that our actions are too small to really make a difference. We might...
Giving a Voice To The Earth
Sentinel Ocean Alliance welcomes draft international law defining ‘Ecocide’ as a punishable offence, alongside war crimes and genocide. “In wildness is the preservation of the world” - Henry David Thoreau. On Tuesday, 22 June, 2021 a draft international law was...
Meet Luciano Pelston - Vice Captain of HBSLC
Luciano was just another boy lost.  Barely surviving in the shadow of the Sentinel.  Set in the fishing community of Hangberg, in Hout Bay, where many young men are drifting aimlessly and grasping at poaching, gangsterism, and crime.
Meet Chadwin George - Vice Captain of HBSLC
A few years ago, Chadwin, a local resident of the Hangberg Community, was working for the City of Cape Town picking up litter on Hout Bay beach. He had no prospects for his future and was worried that he would have to resort to poaching in order to make a living.
ETV interview for the Parley Ocean School
Big wave surfer, Frank Solomon, has partnered with an international company, to not only educate the youth about ocean safety and protection but give them a little more hope for the future.
GIVE with Sealand Gear
@sealandgear chose us to partner with for their GIVE initiative! For every R1500 spent, an amazing upcycled bag was given to one of our kiddos filled with goodies from @pna_capetown as well as the epic book "The Legend of Captain Fanplastic" donated by the @captain_fanplastic team.
Frank chats to Kieno Kammies

Frank Solomon recently caught up with Amy McIver on Cape Talk to talk about inspiring our next generation of eco-warriors with our Parley Ocean School and creating ocean-based opportunities for the youth of Hout Bay.

Launch of Parley Ocean School at Sentinel Ocean Alliance

Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Sentinel Ocean Alliance founded by Frank Solomon in 2017 to create ocean-based opportunities and environmental education for the youth of South Africa, is pleased to announce the partnership with Parley for the Oceans for the opening of a new Parley Ocean School.

The Little Optimist Global Challenge
Sentinel Ocean Alliance was formed to create ocean-based opportunities for the underprivileged youth of Hout Bay. This year may have been a tough one globally, but it has been a great learning for us and for our very own community here in Hout Bay. 

Kieno Kammies, Presenter on Cape Talk (567 AM) hosted an hour-long interview with Frank Solomon from SOA and the offshore sailor, Adrian Kuttel. 


SOA Feeding Initiative: Behind the Scenes
A little vid showing the process of compiling and providing these amazing food parcels in colaboration with the Fish Inniative. 
Why We Started the Hout Bay Surf Lifesaving Club
There were a few important factors over a couple of months that came together in our minds and made us focus on this final goal of starting a new Lifesaving Club.
Letter from Frank: I would have said you are dreaming
If you had told me 3 years ago that I would set up a foundation in Hout Bay helping the youth learn more about the ocean I would have said you are dreaming.
We Are Sentinel Ocean Alliance (SOA)
Sentinel Ocean Alliance was formed to create ocean based opportunities for the under privileged youth of Hout Bay. 
Corona X Parley Street Surfers
Frank takes to the streets of Johannesburg to live a day in the life of South Africa’s Street Surfers