Keen To Support Sentinel Ocean Alliance & Make A Lasting Difference?

Keen To Support Sentinel Ocean Alliance & Make A Lasting Difference?

Through donating, you can directly support our core initiatives by empowering coastal youth, and helping to foster a deep respect for the ocean – instilling the values of environmental stewardship. Take a look below at how you can get involved and join us in preserving our oceans, ensuring a harmonious future for coastal communities and marine ecosystems.

Site Development:
Our unique site in Hout Bay, South Africa, is designed to be a hub for ocean connection and education. By supporting our site development, you contribute to the creation of a space where the ocean becomes a source of inspiration, well-being, and transformation.

The Impact:
Join us in transforming coastal communities. By empowering youth, we are cultivating the next generation of ocean stewards who will ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come. Since our program inception in 2021, we have reached over 15000 youth through our talks, presentations and workshops. Approximately 300 children per year are graduating from our immersive Parley Ocean School program.

You can be a vital part of this critical mission:

  • Make a donation and help us advance the cause of ocean connection and environmental stewardship.
  • Volunteer your time and passion and join one of our cleanups to make a lasting difference.
  • Partner with us to create a world where coastal communities thrive in harmony with the oceans, guided by their innate connection to the sea.
  • Add us as a beneficiary to your My School Card.
  • Follow us on social media and share the work we do to help us grow our community.

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