Parley Ocean School

Parley Ocean School takes an immersive approach to environmental education – with the goal of inspiring marine conservation and empowering its next generation of leaders. Our youth programs simplify complex marine threats, covering marine and coastal pollution, the preservation of natural resources, ocean safety, ocean careers, renewable energy and resources, upcycling, recycling and how to adopt a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle.
The Parley Ocean School in Hout Bay opened its doors in December 2020. With the generous support and partnership of Parley For The Oceans we developed and now offer a comprehensive and extensive 8 week programme to the children who come to our school in order to deepen their understanding of the issues presented, thereby creating the catalyst for real change in their lives. 
The forty-foot educational container hosts sessions dedicated to deepening a physical, scientific and cultural understanding of the marine environment through engaging materials, activities and workshops.  
Our programme forges a strong love for and connection with the ocean to help create tangible impact on the lives of these children, and the health of our environment. In addition to imparting theoretical ocean knowledge, our engaging curriculum also includes many practical and hands-on activities.  
We also have weekly guest speakers and collaborators to make this programme as stimulating and impactful as possible. Our curriculum covers a range of topics including how we are connected to the ocean, marine biodiversity, our local marine ecosystems, ocean threats, marine plastic pollution and the Parley AIR Strategy. 
Empowering the young people taking part in our programs, we hope to inspire an entire generation to become more conscious, healthy and responsible for their environment.   
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