2023 Impact Report

A message from our founder, Frank Solomon: 
“Sentinel Ocean Alliance embarks on this year’s impact report with immense pride and gratitude, reflecting on a year of remarkable expansion and transformative initiatives. Our journey, rooted in the persistent pursuit of a vision for the youth of Hout Bay and the broader mission of advocating for the fragility of our oceans, has blossomed into a dynamic organisation that has continued to grow and expand. From humble beginnings, we’ve evolved into a robust force, uniting passionate individuals and forging meaningful partnerships to deliver ocean education, ocean therapy, and unprecedented ocean-based opportunities to the youth of South Africa’s coastal communities. As we unveil our third annual impact report, we extend heartfelt appreciation to our extraordinary partners, with special recognition for Parley For The Oceans, whose steadfast support has been instrumental in propelling our mission forward. We also welcome new partners on board such as Patagonia and the Onda Foundation. The expansion of our initiatives to Mozambique and Panama reflects our commitment to holistic impact, with new programmes designed to amplify our reach and deepen our influence. We express profound gratitude to our dedicated team, the steadfast support of our community, and the unwavering backing of every individual who has contributed to our journey.”