Kholofelo Sethebe

Kholofelo Sethebe


Kholofelo Sethebe is originally from the landlocked province of Limpopo and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology majoring in Marine biology from University of the Western Cape. 

Following graduation, she worked as an outreach officer at Sea Search Research and Conservation as part of the DST-NRF Internship Programme, where she not only fell in love with the ocean but educating the youth about the ocean too. Kholofelo then worked as a marine biology intern at the Two Oceans Aquarium as part of the WWF Internship Programme. In between the internship programmes, she worked as an online teacher at Pangea Services and as a research assistant at SANBI. 

She has a passion for being out on the ocean, and dreams of becoming proficient in sailing and diving, and to become one of the first well-known Marine Biologists from Limpopo focusing both on studying our oceans and educating the youth. “My main goal in life is to Aspire to Inspire before I Expire, because as time goes on, I will Retire.”

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