Luciano Pelston

Luciano was just another boy lost.  Barely surviving in the shadow of the Sentinel.  Set in the fishing community of Hangberg, in Hout Bay, where many young men are drifting aimlessly and grasping at poaching, gangsterism, and crime. “Luciano” is a short silhouette film that follows the story of one such young man, who is swimming against the current.  It is a story of a boy reaching a breaking point, taking a leap and finding himself in his true element.  By unifying his peers and exposing and nudging them towards the ocean, Luciano becomes a lifesaver, both on and off the beach.

Chadwin George

A few years ago, Chadwin, a local resident of the Hangberg Community, was working for the City of Cape Town picking up litter on Hout Bay beach. He had no prospects for his future and was worried that he would have to resort to poaching in order to make a living. Through his friend, Luciano Pelston, he got involved in the development programme at Llandudno Lifesaving, where he met Frank Solomon.  Together they worked on establishing the Hout Bay Lifesaving Club, and Chadwin started training and working as a coach for Waves For Change in Hout Bay.  He has since qualified as a professional lifeguard, employed by the City of Cape Town and is the vice-captain of Hout Bay Surf Lifesaving Club.  Chadwin is currently in the process of completing his commercial diving training in Saldanha.