The oceans give us life, we give them plastic.

Plastic is a design failure that pollutes every part of our planet, from the highest summit to the deepest trench. It's in the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and our own bodies. Meanwhile, plastic production continues to climb and a truckload of trash enters the oceans every minute.  If we continue on the current path, we will destroy the oceans and our future. Solutions are within reach, but we have to move fast to outpace the destruction. Everyone has a role to play and a reason to act. Join our team or rally your crew and turn action into impact when you run, dance, swim, climb, play, cycle, paddle, sweat... however you choose to fundraise for the oceans. 

Let's create change together!

All funds raised will be used to fund Parley South Africa initiatives including the incredible work done by our partner organisation, The Litterboom Project - who are cleaning up the rivers that pollute our oceans and coastlines, and Sentinel Ocean Alliance's work to educate, empower and inspire a new generation of Ocean Guardians through our Parley Ocean School and Turn The Tide programmes.